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Staff transportation service covers whole domestic territory.

Mobility transportation units according to the amount of employees.

Service include: trained driver, fuel and tolls (if required).

Optional: housing and feeding according to customer request.

Our rates include the vehicle equipment according MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications) standars per sector: mining, construction, transport, hydro electric, industrial, among others. We provide GPS tracking service that guaratees a reliable travel for our customers.

We offer modern vehicles (we renew our fleet every 3 years). We have vans and small busses. Capacity from 11 to 33 passengers.

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We are specialists in the car renting service since 1995, managing the transportation needs of all our clients.

We count with a modern fleet of year model vehicles and highly qualified staff willing to provide efficiency, safety and punctuality that our customers are looking.
With Triny Rental, you just need to focus on your business core or enjoy traveling Peru, with the tranquility you deserve.

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